Santo Domingo

Capital: Santo Domingo
# inhabitants: 368 013 (2010)
Total Area: 4180 km2
HDI: 0.737

Description: Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas is a province in the Republic of Ecuador, created in October 2007 from territory previously in the province of Pichincha.

Source: Wikipedia


Climate & weather

Main Threats Perceived

Main Impacts Perceived

Main Consequences Perceived

Heavy rainsLoss of ProductivityLosses of sources of income
Change in rain patternsCrop damageIncrease in crop production cost
Heat extremesFloodIncrease in cash flow variability


Top 5 Main crops order importance: province (surface planted 2018)

Trend Production 2 yrs Main crops

Top 3 Main animals Province (determined by number of animal heads in 2018)

# Animal Heads Province 2 years Trend

Oil Palm (Fresh Fruit)-3,89%Cows-30,53%
Plantain (Fresh Fruit)Pigs
Banana (Fresh Fruit)Horses
Cassava (Fresh Root)
Palmito (Fresh Stem)

Top 3 Main crops for MFI clients

Combined Volatility Production Main Crops 5 Years (this is for top five main crops)

Top 3 Main animals for MFI clients

# Animal Heads Province 5 Year Volatility

Passion FruitCows
Oil PalmPoultry


Agricultural Products Government Tracks Prices

# of top 5 crop products considered

Quarterly Trend Comparison

Annual Volatility main crops


Categories of National Livestock Product Prices Available

# of products considered

Quarterly Trend Comparison

Annual Volatility main animals


Climate Solutions

Main climate solutions observed

Number Providers

Confirmed Providers in Province

Technical cards gathered

Organic Products218
Organic Agriculture
Crop diversification


The climate platform is being alimented constantly within the framwork of the EcoMicro project. The data presented on this fact sheet refers to non-weighted Poultryrages across different data sections. Nor the project, nor RFD or YAPU Solutions provide any guarantee for the accuracy data presented herein, due to high levels of agregation. The platform considers the following data for financial services and products, in different frequencies of updating and from different data sources:

Overview data details

Climate & weather:

precipitation patters, precipitation per day (mm), temperature patterns, min temperature per day or month, max temperature per day or month, median temperature per day or month, climate threat maps, climate impact maps, weather projection (3-7 days);

Production data:

cost and inputs for soil preparation, sowing, nutrient management, pest management, harvesting, post production, comercialization; climate sensitivity;

Market data:

price data for different products and inputs, updated according to different data availability and accuracy;

Climate solutions:

investment analysis of each climate solution; specifics of climate solutions providers: name, razon social, adress, telephone number, website (if applicable), price of services/produucts